The Difference between Hit & Smack

Based on above,one of the questions asked from the research done on 7th of January 2012 is :

“Do you think children should be hit so that they learn good behavior?”

To my opinion,we should never hit any child.

Children should only be smacked and not hit. The word HITmeans to hit hard on something or someone using an object.On the other hand,smacking has another meaning all together. The word SMACK means to give someone a not so hard tap on the body.

Children should be SMACKED if and only they do something naughty that is reasonable enough to be smacked. When a child is hit the usually get broken bones in the end. Smacking a child would make them learn their lesson. Hitting them would only make the child hate the person even more. I hope no child in Malaysia would be hit but smacked when they are naughty only and not brutally hit.

I hope that the word ‘Hit’ &  ‘Smack’ is recognized.


Radha (17 years old)

The Mousedeer Group (Children)


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