Mousedeer Camp- Day 1

Today is the first day of the ‘Mousedeer Camp’ organized by Knowing Children. 7 children from the closed Mousedeer Group on Facebook have reached the Knowing Children office and the Mousedeer Team reckons a busy week ahead getting the Survey Monkey questionnaire done! Today we had a small ‘ball tossing’ ice breaking session with the participants of this Mousedeer Camp. Also, before staring the drafting of the questionnaire, participants watched both the videos of Mousedeer and were briefed on the lore of Human Rights and Children’s Rights by Judith Ennew.

After a scrumptious lunch break, Mousedeer Camp participants were introduced to the main aim of the camp which is the Survey Monkey. Soon, the dissemination of various topics on the Rights of the Child was done and children begin designing their own questionnaire by collecting data from one another and from the staff of Knowing Children.  It was a busy first day but the children had lots of fun putting this questionnaire and will continue doing so tomorrow!

Quote of the Day: ‘Respect your rights and the rights of other children.’


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