Mousedeer Camp- Day 2

Today started off great! Love was in the air and everybody was pumped with energy to work on the multiple clusters of articles contained in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Before they started on that, the children did a presentation on their out comings of yesterday’s activity. They got started on the introduction to clusters by Nitiakaran Selvaraj. These clusters are separated and discussed one at a time. Each cluster contains several articles from the CRC Report that has a total of 54 articles. In this activity, each child post questions related to each cluster and these questions are written on post –it papers and stuck on each cluster poster. These questions are later discussed with Judith Ennew.

Another very important development during this camp is the ‘Mousedeer Questionnaire Launch’. After the questionnaire that is being designed in this camp is completely good to go, Knowing Children is organizing a massive launch on the questionnaire to let children all over the nation answer. This launch is solely designed and constructed by the children themselves. Their decision is what matters in this launch. Today they confirmed their invitation design and tagline, “Children’s Rights Reborn-with children’s voices”. Do keep reading this blog to find out more about the launch!

Some of our achievements today would be, completing the draft for Cluster 1 and 2 of the questionnaire! Also, not forgetting today is Valentine’s Day; hence the Knowing Children staff prepared a small Valentine’s Day gift for the participant to show our outmost love and appreciation towards the children who spent tireless hours working on the Survey Monkey Questionnaire.

Quote of the Day: ‘Hi! Happy Valentines Day!’ 


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