Mousedeer Camp- Day 4

Today was yet another great day at camp. The children are almost done with the clusters and questions. Today, they had two very special visitors. Victor Karunan and Phenny from UNICEF paid a visit to the Knowing Children at our office and had a light discussion session with the children. Victor and Phenny along with Judith Ennew, Nitiakaran Selvaraj and the children talked about various problems faced by children these days such as human trafficking, neglect and types of abuse and deprivation. Victor and Phenny’s pleasant visit made the day of these children and only enabled them to think better and come up with more competitive questions for the questionnaire. 

Later in the evening, Knowing Children brought all the camp participants to Midvalley Megamall for a night out bowling and shopping. This was a form of appreciation towards all the great input by the children of this camp and all their sacrifices of skipping school and daily activities.  

Quote of the Day: “Lets not give up now, because we’re almost there!”


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