Children’s rights reborn with children’s voices!

As all of you probably know, Knowing Children recently organized a camp for The Mousedeer Group children to develop an online survey, which is open for all Malaysian children who have Internet access to complete. The data will be incorporated into the final Children’s Report to the United Nations. The then , 175 Mousedeer-Group children nominated 19 group members to take part in this activity. Out of the 19 members seven were given permission by their parents to attend the camp.

The ‘campers’ learned about children’s rights and about reporting clusters for the Convention of the Rights of the Child. After many brainstorming sessions with facilitators, Mousedeer-Group children came up with survey questions, some of which took the adults’ breath away with their wisdom. Knowing Children worked with the children to make it easy for them to express their ideas, opinions and experiences in their own words.

Following that, a media launch was organized to rally commitment from media, parents, teachers, members of the NGO community, Government bodies and general public. Entitled – Children’s Rights Reborn with Children’s Voices! The launch was a major success with representatives attending from both the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development as well as Uniceff Malaysia. Parents of children in the group also attended along with their little children making the event merrier. One of the parent came all the way from up North of Malaysia to attend the event with his daughter!

The bright, young minds of The Mousedeer Group children took most of the major decisions for the launch – making the entire event their own! Attendees were treated to the newly launch ‘Mousedeer Videos’ as well as a demo of the pre-released Survey Monkey questionaire. The event concluded with children requesting media and general public to help them promote the soon to be launch survey!

The Survey Monkey Questionaires will be released through the blog in the order of the eight reporting clusters for the Convention of the Rights of the Child each week for eight weeks, the survey will find the views of children all around Malaysia. The launch of this survey is also a launch pad for public and media commitment to publicize ongoing weekly reports.

Stay tuned for the Survey Children!


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