Signing Ceremony of the CRC Op. Protocol

On the 2nd of April 2012, The Mousedeer Group children was invited to an event in the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur about the Signing Ceremony of the CRC Op. Protocol and they invited five to eight Mousedeer Group Children to represent the Mousedeer Group in the event. The event was all about revising two articles on Child’s Protocol and putting together this document to be sent to the United Nations. The two articles that were being revised are Op. Protocol CRC on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography and the second article is Op. CRC on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict.  This event was organized by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community development and they have had requested for one of our Mousedeer Group children to be the emcee of the event. Tim Koh, a well experienced Mousedeer Group Child was selected as the emcee.

We reached Renaissance Hotel a little earlier before the event and managed to chat up with two of UNICEF’s representatives, Selvi and the VIP of the event, Dr. Phenny Kakama. Shortly after that we were greeted by Chua and Niela, the floor managers on that day and soon later Tim was off to take the emcee stand while we sat and waited for the event to officially start. While being treated to a music performance by child artists, we waited for Y.B. Dato Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

The moment Y.B. Senator Dato’ Sri Shahrizat walked into the ballroom where the event took place; she walked over and warmly greeted each and every organization and school that attended the Signing ceremony. She greeted the Mousedeer Group Children with outmost enthusiasm and the Mousedeer Group children even had a photo opportunity with her!

The agenda officially begin with an insightful opening speech by Dr. Phenny Kakama. Shortly after that was a speech by Y.B. Senator Dato’ Sri Shahrizat. She was very impressed with our emcee of the event, Tim Koh that she called him up on stage and gave him a hug and a kiss! Immediately after her speech, was the signing session of the CRC Op. Protocol. Then there was a brief media session and more photo opportunities for the media. The event then preceded to the last agenda of the day which was light refreshments. All in all, it was a wonderful event AND THE Mousedeer Group children feel very honoured to have been invited to this event as we care deeply about children’s rights and against violation of child’s rights, hence we think this event served a significant purpose in the rights of the child. Image



The emcee of the day from the Mousedeer Group, Tim Koh!Image


Y.B. Dato’ Sri Shahrizat with Tim Koh just before her speech




During the signing session



During the short press conference




The Mousedeer Group and Knowing Children with Y.B. Dato’ Sri Shahrizat



A photograph with Dr. Phenny Kakama- Child Protection Specialist from UNICEF

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