Child-safe Policy

 What is the purpose of this policy?

The increasing popularity of social media provides a great avenue for children and adults to make friends, share messages and join online communities. Social networking sites have since added a new dimension to the whole idea of networking, advertising and making friends.

By using blogs, chat rooms, email, or instant messaging, children can communicate, either within a limited community, or with the world at large. But while such sites can increase their networks, they also can increase their exposure to people who have ‘less-than-friendly’ objectives. There are plenty of horror stories about people who were stalked by someone they met online, had their identity stolen, or had their computer hacked. Cases of cyber-bullying and hate emails are also common.

Facebook’s protection policy clearly indicates that each user is responsible for own information shared online. If children are to find certain users or contents on Facebook as inappropriate or harmful, they may contact the Facebook team and measures will be taken to ensure that such content is removed; this however is subjected to the terms and conditions of Facebook itself. Please join the ‘Facebook & Privacy’ as well as ‘Facebook Security’ page to gain more information on protecting personal information online.

In addition to that, children can also visit the following sites which provide tips towards being safe online.

For this reason, this policy is developed with due-diligence from both parties. While the Mousedeer Group tries its best to implement and monitor children’s safety. Children are also responsible towards maintaining their own safety. The Mousedeer Group is not held responsible for any harm that befalls children should they choose not to adhere to the policy and terms of the social media platforms used.


The Mousedeer Group is strictly for children (individuals below the age of 18), with the exception of approved individuals from the supervisor or chief supervisor.

Children who request membership of The Mousedeer Group:

  • Should first add ‘Mousedeer M’sia’ as a friend on their own Facebook page.
  • Must have at least three mutual friends with ‘Mousedeer M’sia before being added to the closed Mousedeer Group;.
  • In the event that a child does not have a friend on Mousedeer M’sia, does not exist. A personal message is to be sent to the child in question via ‘Mousedeer M’sia’s Facebook account to inquire the child’s reason to be added and to verify basic information such as: age, school, location.  Approval is only by supervisor and chief supervisor[C1] .


Post, links, videos and images posted by members of the Group must be approved by the coordinator and will be monitored daily.All content posted within the Group should be relevant to children’s rights or human rights.

No text, images, videos posted on the Group or related social media will contain

  • Manipulated or sensationalized text and/or images;
  • Discriminatory and degrading language or images;
  • Images in which children are inappropriately clothed or behave inappropriately;
  • Information that could be used to identify a child.

 Rules of conduct

‘The Mousedeer Group’ is not responsible for handling  members’ personal profile details, however members are not to share personal information on The Mousedeer Group. Personal information includes address, school and daily routines.

Each member of the group has equal rights to express an opinion regardless of age, gender, religion, race or any other characteristic.

Respect is an integral value of human rights and in ‘The Mousedeer Group’. Members should not use vulgar words or images, defame, tease or harass any other member of the group.  The Mousedeer Group monitors will issue a warning if such behaviour occurs and will revoke membership of the Group if it is repeated.

Members are involved in ongoing discussions and allowed to post new discussion topics.  .

The Mousedeer Group Coordinator will discontinue any discussions that breach the rules of non-discrimination and respect for others.

If a member has any concerns about information, links, videos or images, they member should send a direct message to ‘Mousedeer’ on Facebook and not post this on the Group.

Direct message can be addressed to Mousedeer’s Facebook profile or its email –

‘Mousedeer’ is a facilitator and a monitor but not a counselor. Members who express personal concerns and problems will be referred in confidence to people or organizations that can offer support. Members are advised to contact ‘Childline Malaysia’ in case of emergency.


Any suspicion or alleged violation of children’s rights will be immediately reported by the monitors to the Coordinator and Manager, who will document the complaint and act in confidentiality in accordance with the Child-Protection policy for Knowing Children and in the best interest of the child.


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