About Us

What is  ‘The Mousedeer Group’?

The Mousedeer Group is an online community solely for Malaysian children (below 18 years of age)

. We  provide a platform for all children in Malaysia who have access to the internet, to communicate and interact with one another.

We have a our own closed group on Facebook where children can be added in through invitation and request.  The group focuses on encouraging children throughout Malaysia to be involved in active discussion about human rights.

Our aim is  to include more Malaysian children within the Facebook community. The age group targeted  is from 13-17 year old (not necessarily).

Adults are not allowed to join the Facebook group but are most welcome to add “Mousedeer M’sia’ as a friend or like “Mousedeer M’sia’s on Facebook.

Mousedeer M’sia’ or simply known as Mousedeer, is the spokesperson of  The Mousedeer Group. It is a public persona which has no gender, has no human-like qualities, definitely not a Disney character (or Anime) and is a friend of children!

Mousedeer’s role is:

  • To moderate The Mousedeer Group
  • To regulate and monitor online security and react immediately to protect children from any potential abuse from use of inappropriate language, images and ideas
  • To protect child members of the Group from any threatened breach of security and integrity of the Group by adults who are not members.

You may ask the question – Why choose Mousedeer?

Well, Mousedeer has a great reputation in Malay folklore as a wise and intelligent creature. Despite its small frame and petite nature, it has successfully escaped from dangers and threats of larger animals using nothing but wits.

The mousedeer echoes the strength and wisdom of a small creature that can defeat larger animals through ingenuity and non-violence. Similarly, children are also ‘small’ individuals who can make changes in our world if given ample opportunities and avenues to do so!

Mousedeer’s look was designed by Carmen Tan, a student of Saito College, Malaysia.


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